With Rafael attention is given to functional joint mobility and functional movement conditioning in relation to your sport or daily life. Rafael is passionate about helping to improve any individual regardless of age or athletic ability. Rafael inspires you to hit your goals regardless of you age or athletic ability. You will be driven through our program with expert coaching and energetic training to push you to a stronger, fitter, and a healthier you. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, an aspiring youth sportsperson or an adult looking to reach your fitness goals, you’ve come to the right place!


Rafael is specialized in performance coaching and rehabilitation. After graduating as a physiotherapist from the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam, he licensed as a Human Movement Scientist at the Free University of Amsterdam. Due to an increasing passion for behavior in sports, he completed a Master in Sport and Performance Psychology at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Since 2010, Rafael has worked with groups of all levels, including athletes, coaches, teams, or any individual that has a desire to improve their performance or lifestyle. His area of expertise is functional joint mobility and functional movement conditioning in relation to any sport or activities of daily living. Rafael has worked with and continues to work with professional athletes from a variety of sports. In rehabilitation Rafael has worked with individuals who have injuries that range from physical to neural dysfunction.

Additionally, Rafael obtained a field hockey coach certificate from the Dutch Royal Hockey Association and has been active as a coach of several field hockey teams since 2012.

Rafael is thoughtful, practical, loyal, passionate and likes to keep it simple.

Bachelor Physiotherapy
Master Human Movement Sciences
Master Sport Psychology


Elite Performance
Performance for athletes is determined by considering the sport, goals and conditioning requirements. I provide you with the tools necessary to become world class. The programs consider speed, acceleration, agility, power, strength, energy systems, recovery and mental conditioning. The programs are personalised and continously monitoring performance. Train 1 on 1, in small groups (2-5), large groups (5-10) or with your team (11+).
Personal Training
Following an initial consultation and movement assessments, I will develop a personalized training plan. Your program will integrate a wide range of training disciplines and methods, ensuring your interest is high and your body is always challenged. To avoid injury and to see results, you must workout with correct form, a good routine, and stay motivated to keep at it. You can choose to train 1 on 1, in small groups (2-5) or in large groups (5+).
During the rehabilitation process I address mainly the 2nd phase rehabilitation - improving the body’s coordination and function through proper exercise. The goal is to help you recover fully and expedite your safe return to the activities you love – whether that is high performance professional sports, or activities you enjoy in your leisure time like running, hiking, or recreational sports. I welcome all patients, from athletes to the general public.

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