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Shoulder CARs

Welcome to the world of CARs – no, not race cars, but Controlled Articular Rotations. Maintaining healthy articulations is paramount for athletes or any person on a daily basis. CARs help to promote and maintain articular health on a daily basis. CARs are active rotational movements at the outer limits of articular motion to maintin a proper range of motion. This will help your joints maintain articular health and longevity and help prevent many injuries.

I’ve been putting more emphasis on improving my shoulder mobility the past 2 weeks due to some roadblocks I have encounterd with certain exercises. I need more mobility in my shoulders to do the exercises I want to do in the gym.

Firstly start by irradiating your body. This means contracting all muscles of the body to amplify the contraction of the muscles that are actually producing the shoulder movement, and to supress the amount of motion that occurs in other articulations.

Start with your arm close to your body with you palm facing inwards and extend the arm forwards, drawing the biggest circle you can make – make sure to keep your elbow extended. When you reach full extension keep drawing your arm back and when you notice a roadblock rotate and wind your arm maximally and continue to reach back. As you reach back try not to side bend through the movement and continue to wind the arm throughout the entire range of motion. When you arrive to the hip, your shoulder is completely internally rotated and your palm is facing away from your hip. From there you can reset and start again. If you feel any pain, stay away from it and try to make a smaller circle.

As we retrace the other direction you will be starting in internal rotation and drawing back from there. As you hit that roadblock you will wind out maximally from there, trying not to rotate the trunk and reach up and move overhead.